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Enfriador de recirculación compacto CWUL-05 para marcadora láser UV

Publicado el Jul 19, 2021 | Visitas: 3981
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Laser marking for traceability has become increasingly important in various industries. It is an effective way to improve brand recognition and track a product throughout the supply / production chain. Among all types of laser marking machines, UV laser marking machine is one of the most popular, as its 355nm UV laser wavelength can guarantee delicate and long-lasting marks. To maintain the superior marking effect, a compact recirculating cooler is often considered.


The S&A CWUL-05 compact recirculating chiller is designed and developed to meet the cooling needs of UV laser marking machine. It offers ± 0.2 ℃ temperature stability and multiple alarm functions so your UV laser marking machine can always be well protected against high temperatures or water flow problems.


The cooler warranty is 2 years.


S&A Chiller


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